Le Secret de Fresh Breath

Keeping your teeth and your tongue free of bacteria will prevent bad breath.

Eating mints and candy sweetened with sugar gives bacteria the food they need to produce acid and to produce compounds that smell terrible. Choose 100% xylitol sweetened gum, candy, mints and mouth sprays to be most effective against bad breath. Be sure to brush or gently scrape your tongue each day to prevent bacteria buildup and the compounds causing bad breath.

Four Steps to Being More Kissable

  1. Strive for five exposures to 100% xylitol sweetened products each day
  2. Clean your tongue with toothbrush, scraper or even a washcloth
  3. Starting cleaning between your teeth with sticks, picks or floss with water
  4. Dry brush inside bottom teeth first, brush till teeth feel clean and taste clean, then brush again with 100% xylitol sweetened toothpaste.